Because of the technology behind them, light up shirts tend to be more expensive than a standard T-shirt but this makes perfect sense when you consider all of the components that go into making one. The good news is that despite this, buying an LED shirt does not have to be expensive as long as you know certain tricks to help you save some money on the process.

Don’t Customize

The first tip is to try to find a premade pattern that you really enjoy. Most companies will charge you a design fee if you choose to customize a shirt as they will only be able to use the specific equipment and design once, costing them more money than it would with shirts they mass-produce. This fee can be quite small but if you are looking to save money wherever you can, it can still help. lighting wholesalers trade only You may even be able to find sales on particular patterns.

One Sided

Some people need to customize their light up shirts because they are using them to promote their business or for a special event but that doesn’t mean that you will have to break the bank to do so. If you still want to cut costs, try to limit your design to one side of the shirt instead of both sides. While the fee for putting the same design on both sides instead of one is relatively small, it can be larger if you want two different patterns.

Buy More

Another option is to buy larger quantities of the light up shirts; most retailers will give you a discount if you purchase in bulk as a way to thank you for using their business. If you plan on doing this, however, always take the time to check what the minimum order for a decreased fee is and what you have to do to get that rate.


One specific option for buying in bulk is purchasing the light up shirts wholesale from the retailer. The average minimum for wholesale shirts is around 10 of them but the exact number can vary so once again, it is always important to check. What is great about wholesale options is that in most cases you don’t have to buy the same size or even the same style so you can pick multiple different patterns.

Programs With Loyalty Points

Looking for retailers with loyalty points is one of the best ways to save money when buying light up shirts. Most retailers with a program like this will give you a certain number of points for every dollar you spend or shirt you buy and then allow you to use them for a discount on your next purchase. This gives people or businesses that plan to make multiple purchases a great way to save money over time.


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